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Our Programs

An opportunity for dancers of all levels


The Company

The Company is the studio's accelerated competition level program  for students interested in a variety of performance and educational opportunities. Members of The Company dance team must take a required number of dance and tumbling classes along with team practices dedicated to learning routines to be performed in competitions across the Southeast. Company dancers gain membership via invitation-only audition and summer intensive once selected by the instructors at Rhonda's.


The Encore program is another way for students to go deeper with their dance experience. Members of our Encore teams are required to take certain classes and have the opportunity to travel to one competition each year, perform in the annual Holiday Spectacular, and perform in the annual recital. Dancers in the Encore program typically join through an audition process.


Fundamental Program

The Fundamental Program is designed for children ages two through kindergarten. Aware of the developmental abilities of each age group, these classes emphasize basic dance and tumbling skills, creative movements, and classroom etiquette. Students will learn basic elements of tap, ballet, and general dance movement such as: balance, body awareness, rhythm, coordination, and quality of movement. With our staff working to create a fun environment, you can rest assured that your child is receiving a solid education and learning to love dance and tumbling.

Classic Program

Students in the Classic Program range from ages 6 to 18. In a more structured classroom setting, students will be challenged with maintaining focus and energy for at least an hour long class dedicated to one specific dance discipline. Each dancer will be taught technique, terminology, formations, and advanced combinations to be executed properly in the style of either tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, tumbling, or contemporary/lyrical. The Classic Program is perfect for those seeking to improve their skills while enjoying music, movement, friends, and fitness.


Class Descriptions

All classes will perform a number in our annual recital at the end of the year

2/3 Combo

The Creative Movement class is designed for students from 2 to 3 years old. Objectives of the class include building a love for dance, developing basic dance skills in tap and ballet, learning classroom etiquette, and introducing musical awareness. Along with stimulating imaginations, we aim to help these students grow and improve coordination, motor skills, and balance. Through a consistent class structure, these young students feel a sense of control and accomplishment all while learning group participation. 

4/5 Combo

The Kindergarten Combo Class aims to build upon the skills and lessons learned in Creative Movement while presenting new opportunities such as gymnastics. The addition of gymnastics helps students to further improve strength and coordination. Students in the Kindergarten Combo Class will be challenged to increase their attention spans while developing greater body control. Instructors will also encourage students to express themselves more independently through creative dances rather than simply imitating movements. 


Ballet increases strength, flexibility, and coordination while developing grace, poise, and discipline. Skills learned in ballet will transfer in to all other styles of dance.


A stylistic, energetic form of dance, jazz involves rhythmic movements, body isolations, and flexibility. Jazz combines a variety of dance styles and typically uses more contemporary music.


Tap is a fun way to feel the rhythm of music as students learn to develop both rhythm and timing while developing more complex tap combos.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop combines a variety of dance styles and includes the development of skills like popping and tricks.




Our tumbling classes stress the importance of proper technique and strive to improve each individual's flexibility, strength, coordination, and tumbling skills from beginner to advanced.



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