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Program Rates

Rhonda Whitehead's Fall/Spring Session runs from September through May. Program rates are based on the total season, not the number of classes per month. Program rates are inclusive and cover all scheduled classes and participation in the recital, including costume(s), tights (if necessary), up to four recital tickets and a business card size ad per family!

The Summer Session at Rhonda's consists of June and July. Each summer class will have a monthly tuition that will be billed automatically the 1st of each month.

Payment Options

Full Year Payment: 

Rhonda's offers a 6% discount  to families paying for the dance season in full. This payment must be made at the time of registration. There are no refunds or credits for full year payments if you discontinue, for any reason, mid year.

Installment Option:

Families preferring to pay in monthly installments will be placed in a convenient automatic payment system. A "Registration Fee" must be paid at the time of registration. At that time, you will choose to have your MasterCard, Visa, or Debit card automatically charged for your tuition payment each month of the season.

If, for any reason, you need to cease your year's tuition obligation to Rhonda's, simply request a withdrawal form from the office 15 days prior to the month you plan to discontinue. Once notification has been received, your automatic payment plan will be deactivated. You will not receive a refund for classes you did not attend if you discontinue in the middle of the month. Any dancer withdrawing after January 1, 2023, will be required to pay $65 per costume per class, which will be debited at the time of withdrawal notice.

"Fee Free"       Recital

Fundamental and Classic students who complete the full dance season and choose to participate in the recital will receive their required costume(s) and tights at no additional charge. All participating families will also receive up to four free recital tickets per family and one business card size ad per family.

(Additional admission may be purchased at the door in the Spring)

Dance Attire

2/3 Combo & 4/5 Combo

  • White tap shoes. Elastic or tap shoe buttons. No laces

  • Pink ballet shoes

  • Any color leotard

Jazz/Ballet Combo

  • Tan jazz shoes (split sole/slip on)

  • Pink ballet shoes

  • Black leotard with pink tights (dance booty shorts or ballet skirt over leotard and tights is optional)


  • Black tank leotard

  • Pink ballet shoes

  • Pink tights (Danskin Theatrical Pink)

  • Hair neatly and securely in a bun


  • Tan jazz shoes (split sole/slip on)

  • Sports tank, leotard, and leggings, dance shorts or jazz pants

  • NOT just a t-shirt and shorts


  • Sports tank (NO t-shirts)

  • Booty/biker shorts or leggings

  • No shoes required

Musical Theater/Improv

  • Leotard, athletic fit shirt, or tank top

  • Booty shorts, tights, or leggings

  • Tan jazz shoes (split sole/slip on)

  • Hair pulled back out of the face


  • Tank top or leotard and leggings

  • Pirouette shoes

  • Hair pulled back out of the face

Hip Hop

  • Dance clothes

  • Tennis shoes or Hip Hop dance sneakers (no guarantee that shoes will be worn in performance)

  • Hair in ponytail

Rhonda Whitehead's Studio of Dance and Gymnastics offers no refunds, deductions, or credits for missed or discontinued classes. We do, however, have a convenient make-up policy which you may take advantage of if you are absent due to illness or other circumstances. Although the studio will be closed for some holidays during the dance season, these are not paid classes and do not need to be made up. To schedule a make-up class, it is your responsibility to email the office for available make-up days.

PLEASE NOTE- There is no such thing as "taking a month off." As mentioned previously, monthly payments are for a portion of the year, not a specific month of lessons, and a space is reserved for your child in a specific class based on this schedule. Therefore, tuition payments will be charged every month regardless of whether you attend the scheduled class or until we have received your withdrawal notice.

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