Rhonda Whitehead's School of Dance and Gymnastics
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Rhonda Whitehead - Owner/Instructor
We believe that a teacher must first connect with a student, discovering their learning style gaining an understanding of each child's needs and feelings. Once that is established, the teacher is able to share their knowledge and experience. At the end of class, it is more important that a student feels good about themselves than it is that they got the step. We take pride in our ability to offer every student a quality dance education in a positive environment that develops self-esteem and self-discipline. Rhonda has many years of classroom experience and has developed her own syllabus. We are proud to provide all students with a staff that is talented, experienced, and knowledgeable, while being classroom friendly. This means that the teacher fits our criteria of being able to encourage and train dancer to be the best they can be, but still keeping in mind the most important aspect of the studio, learning to dance should be fun! Our full-time staff has over 40 years of combined service at Rhonda’s School of Dance and Gymnastics. At Rhonda’s we realize that few students go on to pursue dance performance as a career. All dancer will gain many skills that they will carry with them throughout their lives. These skills include confidence, poise, working to reach their highest potential, and understanding the importance of commitment. With this in mind, we believe every student will leave our studio a better and happier individual.
Mrs. Allison - Instructor
Ms. Stefanie - Instructor